Legal information

Full company name:
Sky Money Group Professionals Limited.

Legal address:
Adress: United Kingdom | London : Central House 142 Central St, London, EC1V 8AR

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On cooperation issues:


The service is entitled to the following banking operations with funds in USD:

  1. Attraction of funds of individuals and legal entities into deposits (on demand and for a certain period).
  2. Placement of funds attracted to deposits (on demand and for a certain period) by individuals and legal entities on their behalf and at their own expense.
  3. Opening and maintenance of bank accounts of individuals and legal entities.
  4. Transfers of funds on behalf of individuals and legal entities, including authorized correspondent banks and foreign banks, on their bank accounts.
  5. Encashment of cash, bills, payment and settlement documents and cash services for individuals and legal entities.
  6. Purchase and sale of foreign currency in cash and non-cash forms.
  7. Issue of bank guarantees.
  8. Transfers of funds without opening bank accounts, including electronic money (with the exception of postal orders).

Risk notification

The investor and the partner are categorically forbidden to register themselves or register family members, friends, colleagues and other people living in the same apartment or other premises in the same office, who are using the same computer or IP address. Data and similar registrations are equivalent to fraud in order to obtain a referral bonus dishonestly and lead to an immediate account lockout regardless of the number of referrals and funds on the account.
The administration has the right to freeze any account and delay payments for up to 72 hours without explanation. All the direct or indirect risks associated with this item are accepted by the customer.

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