Project restart in 24 hours?

Dear Investors and Partners. On May 7 2017 the project has ended its work, as the number of payments exceeded the amount of deposits; the project balance rapidly declined and reached 0.
Almost all, including the largest Investors managed to reach a stable and tangible plus. Part of Investors increased its capital on large deposits by 2 times or more.
It is benifical for ourselves, as well as for you, to keep the project endlessly, but this is the marketing of HYIP projects, that they live a certain time.
Thanks for the positive feedback on the forums. There were several negative posts, some of which were written without waiting for a response from the support. All issues were successfully and quickly resolved.
The only reason for several cancellations of payments was the incorrect indication of the purse for payments, but these are isolated cases, as a whole the project has worked successfully.


Dayss online: 10, Total investors: 2360, Total deposits: $330481.00, Total payments $93376.04
We did not take Investors' funds to promote the project. We invested our own money to pay for the work of a team of talented advertisers who, like other Partners, received a referral reward of 5%, included in the marketing of Sky Money.
If you managed to earn and you want even more in the restarted project - click "Yes". If not, then "No"
Thanks to everyone who are with us.
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  • Total investors 2376
  • Total deposits $332070.82
  • Total payments $93538.34
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