Affiliate program

5% from every doposit
of every referral!

Invite referral

Profit without investments and risk

  • High profit percentage
  • Automatical referral comission payment
  • Referral deposits are protected by the bank, and insured by the Deposit Insurance Agency
  • Account funds are available for withdrawal at any time
  • Progressive income - you get 5% even from the repeated contributions of referrals!

Attract more - get more

You decide how many referrals to attract - by all methods not prohibited by law.

Sky & nbsp; Money offers a referral program where re-deposits are paid. You receive money both from new depositors, and from old ones, which each day withdraw funds and enter again. The maximum rate is valid until the withdrawal of any amount from the deposit.

How the funds are received and where they are stored

Money from the referral's contribution DIRECTLY at the time of its deposit is transferred to your account balance.

You have not to wait for the referral. You receive Money at the time of the referral's contribution.

*Please note: You receive% of the initial deposit, and not from its profit.

To receive maximum benefit from referrals , invite as many people as possible in all ways.

How to withdraw

Money from the balance of the account Sky   Money can be withdrawn at any time without any additional conditions and restrictions.

To do this, go to your account and click on "withdraw funds." The request for withdrawal is processed automatically without operator's participation and any checks. Money comes to your wallet immediately.

If the money is not received on your wallet - the reason is ONE: it is not specified or incorrectly specified purse for payments. Purses for payments can be specified in your account in the "edit profile" section. You can always seek the advice of our support team

How to create partners account in Sky Money

If you have not yet become a partner of our service, register right now and take out
3 simple steps:

Register for free and immediately log into the ready-to-work dashboard

The account is the same for investors and partners.

Go to the section "referral links"

Use professional colorful banners or your referral link to attract referrals.

Bring funds immediately to yourself on any convenient payment system

Since you did not invest your own funds, the risk is even theoretically zero. The more you attract people - the more you earn with progressive, growing income through repeated investor contributions every day.

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