About company

Sky Money — A retail investment site that provides investment products and services through a personal online-account and mobile version.

Sky Money — This is an international project of the European Sky Money Group, the leading financial group in Central and Eastern Europe. Sky Money operates under the license of Sky Money Group and is governed by British law. The long history and successful investment activities of Sky Money Group allow us to develop and implement innovative solutions for managing personal deposits and finance in one-touch.

Sky Money Group today

Sky Money — сердце Sky Money Group — Is among the largest national investment sites in the euro area, successfully tested by the European Investment Organization and the European Central Bank. The company is also a member of the Central and Eastern European Investment Association.

Continuous development and expansion of the geography of the presence make a significant contribution to the strengthening of the group's positions. Today Sky Money Group has all the necessary resources to provide a high level of service to investors and webmasters.

Sky Money worldwide

Sky Money — subsidiary unit Sky Money Group. The project is included in the 50 largest projects of the world, as well as among the leaders in a number of investment products.

Main achievements:

2 place

Sky Money Takes 2nd place in the POS-investment market and 6th place in the market of refiners (according to Frank Research Group on April 1, 2016).

Sky Money Is a member of the Deposit Insurance System, a member of the Association of World Investment Sites, the Association of European Businesses, the National Association of Stock Market Participants, the National Stock Association and the London Stock Exchange. Sky Money Bank is included in the list of projects, which can be secured by the Bank of Britain.

3.9 million people

Sky Money Serves more than 3.9 million customers worldwide.

3 700

Sky Money Has branches and representative offices in more than 3,700 localities.

27 900

Sky Money Group net includes 27,900 points of investment, 108 credit and cash offices, 134 customer service points, 212 ATMs and 275 self-service terminals.

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  • Total payments $93538.34
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